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Our Story

ONDA Beauty began as an online-only clean beauty store in my New York City apartment on the first of December, 2016. To make a long story short: we grew, big time. By 2021, we had stores in NYC, London and Sydney. Then, in April 2022, ONDA Beauty was acquired by Amyris, a biotechnology company and industry leader in clean beauty and sustainable chemistry.

But the Sydney store is staying with me.

So, it’s time for a new kind of space. As with any transformation, what you release fashions what you create. ONDA Beauty in Australia is evolving. 

Meet Lume. From lumen, it means the light of life – an opening. As Lume, our serene space on Oxford Street remains. Our treatments and carefully considered product selection will continue to shine. And, if you have an ONDA Beauty Australia gift card, and it hasn’t expired, you are welcome to redeem it at Lume.

What's new is our reason for being. 

ONDA Beauty Australia was the best edit of clean beauty brands from around the world. Lume will continue with this important offering while amplifying the protective energy we receive from our plant-based wonders. Lume will bring closer the worlds of rejuvenation, restoration and community, so you can enjoy, discover and learn about being well from the inside out and the outside in.

All of us are simply energy. How you care for, replenish and share your energy will carry you through both the dark times and the light. Lume will be there to meet you and your energy, on whatever kind of day you’re having. 

See you soon.

Sarah Bryden-Brown
Co-Founder of ONDA Beauty
Founder of Lume

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