At Lume we specialise in crafting Facials, Massage, and Brow treatments tailored just for you. We believe in the power of personalised care, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that feeds your skin, nourishes your spirit and calms your mind.


Our skin-changing facials are personalised for all skin types and conditions using a selection of our carefully curated clean beauty products.

We use non-invasive tools and equipment to stimulate your body’s natural healing process to help counter the effects of sun-damage, ageing and acne-prone skin.

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Lume Signature Facial

$350 | 90 minutes

Our most popular treatment combines Monastery Made's non-toxic, active products with our signature meditative and skin-rejuvenating techniques to nourish your skin, mind and body.

This is the facial that keeps on giving. From skin-care to targeted massage of your head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, our Signature Facial is all you need to truly care for your skin on a regular basis. It opens with a grounding meditation with aromatherapy, followed by a personalised double cleanse and ultrasonic exfoliation, a restorative LED light treatment, healing alginate-rich mask, Oxygen Infusion, hot-stone massage and Gua Sha. Extractions can be performed if needed.

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Uplift and Sculpt Facial

$350 | 90 minutes

We partnered with Tata Harper to create our uplifting facial designed to release tension and add contour to your face. 

Our precise sculpting massage and facial cupping techniques promote lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. 

Our facial begins with a deep cleanse, followed by ultrasonic exfoliation, and three phases of facial massage techniques performed while you are transported by the beautiful scents of Tata Harper’s formulations. Our powerhouse treatment closes with 15 minutes of infrared LED Light Therapy while your skin cells are highly stimulated – the optimal time to absorb the rejuvenating light waves.

Your skin will be visibly toned and sculpted with a bright, radiant and plump complexion.

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Buccal Facial

$470 | 90 mins

Experience our deeply relaxing and sculpting facial, where advanced NeoliftingTM massage techniques create a truly transformative journey for your skin. Utilising our skilled therapist’s hands as careful tools, this 90 minute treatment begins with a grounding cleanse, fruit enzyme mask, and scalp massage, before flowing into a blend of lymphatic drainage, facial muscle stretching and sculpting techniques, as well as intra-oral buccal massage. While your skin cells are highly active, your mind will be at ease as our facial closes with 15 minutes of rejuvenating LED Light therapy with an arm and hand massage.

Working from inside the mouth, buccal massage is a holistic way to alleviate tension in the facial muscles and bring more balance to the bones of the skull. This deep tissue stimulation of all the muscles in your face promotes blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, balances the bone structure, nourishes the tissue and encourages collagen production. You’ll leave with a more defined facial contour, reduced tension, lifted cheekbones, smoother nasolabial folds, reduced wrinkles, and a natural glow.

Over a course of multiple treatments, you will see lasting facial fitness results as your facial muscles become strengthened and toned. We recommend treatments every two to four weeks to enjoy significant changes.

OH! Glow Facial

$370 | 90 minutes

A collagen-enriched facial delivering deeply hydrating, brightening and relaxing results.

Our specialised treatment features five products from two of our award-winning clean beauty brands: Vintner's Daughter's Active Renewal Cleanser, Active Treatment Essence, and Active Botanical Serum, along with Venn Skincare's Collagen Intensive Phyto Retinol Renewal Mask.

Our LED Light and Oxygen infusion treatments amplify the hydrating and brightening elements of our OH! Glow Facial while our specialised techniques ensure all the nourishing ingredients are deeply absorbed into the layers of your skin during the extended facial massage.

You will leave with visible brightness, deeply hydrated and exceptionally glowy.

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The Essentials Facial

$250 | 60 minutes

This is our 60 min version of our popular 90 min Lume Signature Facial. It’s a results-driven facial, perfect for pre-event skin prep, and includes LED, ultrasonic exfoliation and Oxygen Infusion. Extractions can be performed if needed.

If you’re looking for a results–driven and deeply-relaxing treatment, we recommend our Lume Signature Facial.

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True Radiance Facial

$290 | 75 minutes

This complexion-focused facial features a unique and customised blend of non-toxic and restorative skin-care products. Our therapist will focus on holistic facial massage techniques to reveal a radiant and glowing complexion. 

Pregnancy safe.

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LED Renewal Facial

LED light therapy is a non-invasive, healing treatment that targets multiple skin concerns including signs of ageing, pigmentation, inflammation, reducing redness and stimulating collagen and elastin production. LED also speeds up the natural healing process of your skin.   

Our LED Renewal Facial includes a double cleanse, ultrasonic exfoliation, prescribed mask and relaxing arm and hand massage.

Ongoing LED treatments provide the best benefits to deeply repair and improve your skin's tone and texture, as well as increasing your skin's natural healing process over time.  

Purchase an LED Renewal Package package here.

Single Treatment $180 | 45 minutes

Package of Three $500 | 45 minutes per session

Package of Six $900 | 45 minutes per session

The key difference between our Brightening Treatment and LED Renewal Facial is the former is a boosting treatment in between facials, while the latter is a facial complete with a skin consultation, deep cleanse, exfoliation, prescribed mask, and arm and hand massage. 

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Our deeply relaxing full body massage will nurture your nervous system as much as soothe sore muscles, from your crown to your toes.

Enveloping you in herbalised massage oils from Surya. Handcrafted in the Santa Monica based destination spa by Ayurvedic expert Martha Soffer.

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Restorative Full Body Massage

$270 | 90 minutes
$180 | 60 minutes

A restorative full body massage using Surya Body Oils for a profound sense of restoration. Tailored to the uniqueness of your body, and your present mindset, our deeply relaxing treatment offers restorative healing that goes well beyond your skin, drawing you nearer to your very own inner sanctuary of peace.

In our 90 minute massage we'll offer you Rõz's Willow Glen Treatment Oil for your head and scalp massage. It's a deeply nourishing, protective and reparative salon-grade treatment you can wash out when home, or leave in overnight for extra healthy hair.

Please understand for no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of your treatment booking, you will be charged the full value of your treatment.  We appreciate your support.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lume.

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Your brows and lashes frame and elevate your eyes while adding balance to your facial features. Our expert brow and lash sessions are personalised, ensuring you receive the most flattering shape and tint for your face.

Brow services not recommended on the same day as a facial service. We recommend you don't use face serums with vitamin C and retinol 2 days before and 2 days after your brow services.

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Brow Lamination + Tint and Shape with Lash Tint

$200 | 1 hour

Brow Lamination
Brow tint and shape
Lash tint 

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Brow Tint and Shape with Lash Tint

$140 | 35 mins

Brow tint and shape
Lash tint

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Brow Lamination + Tint and Shape

$150 | 40 mins

Brow lamination
Tint and shape

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Brow Shape with Optional Tint

$90 | 30 mins

Brow shape with optional tint

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Lash Tint Only

$75 | 20 mins

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Facial Waxing

$20 | 20 mins

Facial waxing per area

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