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May 2024 Solar Return Retreat at Sun Ranch, Byron

May 2024 Solar Return Retreat at Sun Ranch, Byron


Please join us for our May 2024 Solar Return Retreat held over 3 nights at Sun Ranch in Byron Bay on the NSW North Coast.

It’s been a magical experience working with our team to create your three night, all-inclusive, heart-led retreat at Byron Bay’s exquisite Sun Ranch for 20 light-loving people.

Details on programming, practitioners, accommodation, and thoughtful extras can be found at the bottom of this page.  

Rambler Rooms Per Person
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Rambler Rooms Per Person + single room premium Sold Out
Two bedroom Barns Per Person (Sleeps 4) 
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Two Bedroom Barns Per Person + single room premium  Sold Out
Private Suite Per Person (Sleeps 2)
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Your Investment includes:

• Three nights accommodation at Sun Ranch
• All meals, plus snacks, and natural wines with dinner
• All our classes and workshops
• Transfers to and from Ballina airport if required
• Full use of the Sun Ranch resort including the sauna, ice bath, pool and all its amenities.

    When | Thursday May 23 - Sunday May 26, 2024. 
    Extras available to book ahead:

    • 1 x 90 min Signature Facial $400 (SOLD OUT)
    • 1 x 90 min Restorative Massage $300 (SOLD OUT)

      All the beautiful details of our retreat are below, and of course you are welcome to email or call us with all your questions.

      Call: + 61 283 848 411


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      MAY 23 - 26 AT SUN RANCH

      Welcome to our 2024 solar-infused retreat, which we’ve designed to encourage you to reflect where you’ve been, honour where you are and intentionally plot where you’re heading.

      It’s been a magical experience working with our team to create your three night, all-inclusive, heart-led retreat at Byron Bay’s exquisite Sun Ranch for 20 light-loving people.




      • THURSDAY

        Day One

        2pm Check In

        Welcome Drinks

        Introduction to Solar Return

        Yoga Nidra with Sound Healing

        + dinner and extended arrival time for swims, saunas, ice baths, treatments, exploration & relaxation

      • FRIDAY

        Day Two

        Sunrise Walking Meditation & Pranayama

        Awakening Pilates Flow

        Restorative Yoga with Acupuncture

        Solar Return Workshop pt 1

        Solar Conversation in The Lair

        + three meals, snacks, and ample free time for swims, saunas, ice baths, treatments, exploration & relaxation

      • SATURDAY

        Day Three

        Sunrise Walking Meditation & Pranayama

        Awakening Pilates Flow

        Chakra Balancing Yoga Class & Scent Workshop with Lucy Bradshaw

        Solar Return Workshop pt 1

        Solar Conversation in The Lair

        + three meals, snacks, and ample free time for swims, saunas, ice baths, treatments, exploration & relaxation

      • SUNDAY

        Day Four

        Gentle Yoga Flow

        Closing Circle

        11am Check Out

        + breakfast and free time to pack, commune, and reflect


      Sun Ranch is a 70s-inspired 11-acre Californian ranch just outside Bangalow filled with the tiniest of touches and broadest of brush strokes to create a true escape.

      We have three styles of accommodation for you and your friends or family to choose from for your stay — Rambler Rooms, Sun Ranch Barns or the Private Suite. There are four ultra-chic Rambler Rooms, each of which sleep two, and offer private access to the Rambler Long House Pool, a private bathroom and your own outdoor shower. 

      The off-grid Sun Ranch Barns, of which there are six, sleep four in two bedrooms, and include a bathroom with sky windows, your own kitchen, living and dining space, and the most inviting daybed by the fire.The Private Suite is a spacious one-bedroom lair, which sleeps two, and offers a full kitchen, fireplace and full bathroom with a bath.

      While the six Sun Ranch Barns are off-grid and self-sufficient, and the Rambler Rooms use hybrid solar, battery, and minimal grid power, the entire estate runs solely on rainwater.


      Sophie Palmer will be leading us on a sunrise walking meditation followed by pranayama each morning. Across the three days she'll guide us through a relaxing yoga nidra accompanied by sound bath, restorative yoga with acupuncture, and a gentle yoga flow.

      Gabie Angel brings her signature approach to holistic movement through her Awakening Pilates Flow across two mornings.

      We're thrilled to have Tulita Founder, yoga, and meditation teacher Lucy Bradshaw joining us for an afternoon of Chakra Balancing Yoga followed by a scent workshop.

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      Sophie's Sunrise Walking Meditation with Pranayama and Yoga Sessions

      Sophie will be sharing embodied exploration of movement, breath and stillness practices each day, which includes a Yoga Nidra session with a sound bath on our first night, silent meditation walks at sunrise, breath work sessions and restorative yoga with acupuncture. Our sessions together will access our essence of stillness and spaciousness, awakening to the joy of being. 

      Knowing what a gift it is to be able to take time away from daily life, from all the business and doing to immerse yourself in deep ritual, self care and practice, this retreat will be a full body exhale. For over 15 years, Sophie has been combining the traditional teachings of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and practices of Asana (for the physical body), Pranayama (for the breath) and Meditation (for the mind). During our time together at Sun Ranch, Sophie will support you in becoming more comfortable using these practices as holistic tools for self-enquiry, growth and inner transformation.

      Gabie's Awakening Pilates Flow

      Designed to nourish and strengthen your body and mind, Gabie blends the best of her favourite modalities such as pilates, yoga, breath work and mindfulness, and creates a recipe for full body alchemy. 

      Carefully curated to seamlessly flow from one movement to the next, Gabie will guide you through a full body workout that is balanced by an infusion of stretch and rest. You will leave feeling grounded, energised and restored.

      Designed for all experience levels. 

      Lucy's Chakra Balancing Yoga Class and Scent Workshop


      Advanced yoga teacher, certified chakra healer and founder of Tulita, Lucy Bradshaw will guide you through a slow flow yoga practice incorporating the wisdom of chakra energy healing. Through pranayama breath work, crystal energy, essential oils and guided asana shapes, we will flow through the 7 Chakras, where they sit in the body and their power of physical and spiritual health. Particular focus will be placed on Root Chakra for grounding and calming, Heart Chakra for love and compassion and Crown Chakra meditation for purpose and clarity.


      Through this 30 minute workshop we explore the power of scent on the amygdala, the section of our brain that also processes energy and emotion and how connecting Ayurvedic botanicals and their scent is powerful to balancing and healing Chakra energy. Together we will explore and discover the 100% natural Tulita fragrances developed consciously with the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to bring balance and connection to your highest vibrational state.

      Solar Return Workshop

      This is the heart of our retreat and has been created to run over two days, with time for conversation, reflection and questions after each session.

      Every year, on your solar return, which is your birthday, the planets form a configuration that presents you with a fresh, year-long road map. The freeway of that road map is the Sun, supported by lots of off-ramps to explore as you navigate the four seasons. We’re going to focus on the freeway, or the plotline, and the house your Sun occupies for the year gone, the year you’re in and the year ahead.

      Hellenistic Astrology records the Sun as Representing the intentions, ambitions, motivations and actions of your soul towards an overarching ideal. The ideal is directed by the astrological house your sun is in for each solar return. We will present the energy, opportunities and roadmap for each house over our two-night workshop to help you navigate your current solar weather, prepare for the year ahead and better understand the year just gone.

      Your Sun in your astrological chart is not who you are but the course you're on, and every year you have the chance to reroute. We will help you understand not only how to do this, but when, where, why and what.

      THE FOOD

      The food! Oh, the food! We’ve designed a daily menu, offering three full meals, created from an abundance of market fresh produce with fresh flavours. Dinner will have a focus on immersive food experiences such as a fire feast and Asian banquet.


      There'll be plenty of free time so you can lie by the pool, take a sauna, plunge into an ice bath, explore and commune.

      For something extra our lead esthetician, Marina, and restorative massage therapist, Yohanne, will be giving their deeply transformational treatments on-site at Sun Ranch. Choose to add on the 90min facial we specially created for our retreat to complement the beautiful programming, or our 90min heaven-sent massage with warmed Surya oils. Or, of course, you can book both.

      We only have limited spots available for a Lume treatment so make sure you book early.