The Difference Between Wellness and Well-being

The Difference Between Wellness and Well-being

One of our favourite magazines, Kinfolk, recently dedicated its 47th issue to the idea of well-being, describing it as "an innate balance that should be safeguarded".

We whole-heartedly agree, and would like to expand on it just a little.

Wellness, as we see it, is an industry, an over-arching idea, which often feels just out of reach (and sometimes out of touch). Whereas well-being is a daily practice for creating innate balance, more commonly known as feeling calm.

Ah, calm. It's our love-language. We offer it through our treatments, the skin-care brands we recommend, the workshop and classes we hold and the retreat we have planned.

Below are a few examples of how we calm.


Holding (Calm) Space At Lume


There are days when you just need someone else to do the work. Someone you trust to hold space so you can breathe, relax or even snore for long enough to restore your sense of calm. 

Our treatments are all about holding space, whether it's our clean-beauty facials, a transformative Acupressure Breathwork and Reiki session or soothing Yin Yoga with Reiki class (coming soon).

Our beautiful space in Paddington is a retreat in itself, and we are here 7 days a week so you can restore, reset and renew from the outside in and the inside out.


Creating (Calm) Space At Home

The nourishing and refining benefits of the brands we stock is paramount to creating an at-home skin-care ritual, which our therapists can personalise for you, however, the beauty of those products, as they sit on your shelf or counter top, meaningfully contributes to the sense of calm we all seek because they promise quality time alone.

Taking time to double cleanse, thoughtfully massaging in the replenishing serums, inhaling the calming scents and using tools, such as our Carbonnique, feeds your skin, soul and self.

Scheduling an Everything Shower, which starts at your scalp and ends with your toes, incorporating bonus elements such as an aromatic body wash and hydrating body scrub, is the calmest power move we know. 


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