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Carbonnique Face Roller

Carbonnique Face Roller

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  • Carbonnique's one-of-a-kind face and neck roller is ergonomically designed to contour, lift and reinvigorate the skin, whilst releasing tension and improving the penetration of your skincare products.

    The unique facial contouring design speeds up blood circulation to bring more oxygen to the skin - helping promote collagen production - whilst also reducing puffiness, tension and toxins to results in brighter, healthier skin. 

    Key benefits:

    • Lifts and contours
    • Improves blood circulation resulting to promote brighter, healthier skin 
    • Reduces puffiness and removes toxins through lymph nodes
    • Helps facial products absorb deeper into your skin
    • Releases stress and tension
    • Promotes collagen production 
    • Travel friendly. No wires and no batteries so you can always take it with you
    • Removable magnetic balls for easy sanitisation 
    • Dermatologically tested 
    • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin 
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      How to Use

      Cleanse your skin and make sure your Carbonnique is clean. 

      Take a few drops of your favourite oil or serum.

      Starting with your neck, pull upwards while applying gentle pressure. Place your roller under your chin and lift. Go all the way up to your lips. Continue with your jawline, pulling the roller gently along your jawbone to contour and uplift.

      Move up to your cheekbones and roll right to the hairline where your facial muscles are attached.

      Gently massage your under eye area using lighter pressure.

      Place your roller between your brows and massage upwards.

      Massage your forehead towards your hairline slightly above your brow.

      Finish by using crisscross movements to help your favourite products penetrate deeper into your skin.

      The entire massage ritual should take between 3-8 minutes. Use daily.


      Carbonnique's roller balls are made of technical ceramics called Alumina (Al2o3). Alumina is widely used in medical devices, dental ceramics and other bioimplantable devices in orthopedics. Numerous studies have confirmed excellent biocompatible properties of Alumina Ceramic and therefore Carbonnique roller can be used even if you have sensitive skin.

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      Carbonnique helps transform your beauty routine into an experience that's anything but routine. Created by founders Marta Pichlak-Miarka and certified dermatologist, M.D. Ph.D Monika Konczalska, who wanted to offer a gentle, alternative pro-aging solution for all skin types.

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