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Bel Meditation Candle

Bel Meditation Candle

  • The beautiful Bel meditation candle targets three senses: sight, with the meditation practice; smell, from candles infused with essential oils; and sound when each pin lands with a resonant ding. These senses act as guides for the you, leading your mind back to the present moment after it wanders.

    This ritual object was born from a personal search for a meditation timer that is beautiful, functional, and most importantly, analog. We love that apps have made meditation accessible but ending a sit with a notification from a phone can be so jarring that it undoes the effect.

    The Bel candle draws inspiration from the sound of Tibetan singing bowls, the scent of Indian Ashrams, and the minimal aesthetic of our favorite home objects.

    Base: 90mm × 30mm

    Pins: 20mm L × 5mm W

    Candles: 6.5" long. 2 hour burn time 

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    How to Use

    When the candle is lit, wax melts, and eventually each pin falls, landing with a resonant ding - an invitation to return to the present moment.

    A solid brass candleholder handmade in India using traditional casting techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

    Three hand-dipped coconut candles, infused with essential oils of palo santo, French lavender, and sage; and matches to light them.

    Three solid brass pins to mark the passing of time.


    Coconut wax candles infused with essential oils of palo santo, French lavender and sage

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    3rd Ritual make meaning from the ordinary so as to cultivate a more connected and mystical way of life through simple practices and sacred experiences.

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